Full Stack Software Engineer

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30 Sep 2014
Head Office

For the past 7 years, the team behind CanvasPop, DNA 11 and Crated have been focused on building a strong brand, a high quality product and a legion of loyal happy customers.  

Everyday, our team brings this amount of passion into our technology platform and our growing team is in the midst of building the groundwork to reach our vision for the future of digital art and photography.

We are seeking an extremely talented, passionate and resourceful Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team.


About the Team

We are an ever expanding team of talented and dedicated engineers eager to solve new and complex problems in creative ways.  


The average day of a developer often looks like:


- Come into work feeling inspired anywhere from 7 - 10 am - We love our flexible hours!

- Have a coffee and complimentary breakfast while discussing new great ideas

- Add a few funny animated GIFs to a peer’s code reviews in which you found logic issues

- Crack open your favorite PHP IDE and start developing a product feature which will engage our growing community

- Stop for lunch and attend a lunch and learn from a peer on “Cache Invalidation Strategies”

- Since its Friday, stop work early and have a beer with the entire company to talk shop, politics (which universe is better Marvel or DC), play ping pong, or even start planning for our company wide hack days


About the Job

You will be turning great ideas into extremely fast and reliable code that will not only inspire the team, but provide a meaningful impact for our customers’ experience.

We pride ourselves on creating engaging, creative and inspiring products and features on a daily basis. Thus you will be using fun (often silly) code reviews, continuous deployments and an extensive library of tools to achieve this. Oh, and did we mention we love data; there is nothing we love more than a metric being shipped.

You will be using and likely expanding our technology stack of PHP, MySQL, Chef, and ElasticSearch to build out next generation e-commerce platforms and systems.


About You


For the Nerds

We do pride ourselves on some of the great things we get to work with everyday. If you really wanted to know - here are many of the tools/languages/products you might be using daily:




Ottawa, Ontario

If you have a passion for learning and experimentation, email us at iwanttowork@canvaspop.com .  Please include with your resume,  any digital profile you think we should see (GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).